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of abbott that split off, called "abbvie" - not so well. layoffs are coming. first of all, there are now two abbotts. the company split in january. abbott labs, which sells nutritional brands, diagnostic products and stents for heart patients, and abbvie, which is mostly pharmaceuticals such as anti-inflamatory drug humira. the first one, abbott labs, did well in the first quarter - more than $2 billion in sales came from emerging markets. "for abbott, its future is in emerging markets. 41% of its first-quarter sales came from emerging markets, and we see that continuing." china, which is enacting its own health care reforms, is seeing nutrition and diagnosis of medical conditions on the upswing. "you have more people making more money, spending it on nutritionals and for more doctor visits, which plays into what abbott is offering." the other abbott, abbvie, says it will lay off 1900 employees - mostly sales people - as the patent for humira runs out, clearing the way for generics, but before abbvie's next drug is ready for market. "what we've seen is the regulatory agencies get more conser
menus at mcdonald's and wendy's hurt sales in the u.s. pharmaceutical company abbvie rose 9.6% from strong growth in its arthritis drug humira. the newly-public company spun off from abbott labs in january. apple is losing its grip on market share. according to international data corp., apple sold 37 million smartphones during the first quarter - the most ever for the quarter. year-over-year growth was just 6.6%. the tech giant tends to reach double-digit growth ever year since 2009, but not this time. samsung is dominating the global market. idc also found smartphones accounted for 51.6% of sales versus standard cell phones. tesla is taking the lead. its battery-powered model s surpassed sales of gm's chevy volt and nissan's leaf. the company is also making over its service program with an unconditional battery warranty. it's rolling out more service features in the coming weeks to lure hesistant drivers to try switching to electric. still to come, we head to a strawberry farm to hear what agricultural workers are anticipating from landmark immigration legislation. that's later. bu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2